My Movie Highlights of 2009

With the year 2010 coming to full swing, but not quite there yet with quality movie releases, it’s a good time to check back on some of the previous year’s biggest tittles that you simply can’t afford to miss out. Here’s my Top 5 picks:

Avatar – James Cameron’s well crafted vision of the beautiful yet deadly planet Pandora draws you straight in and leaves wanting for more. Following the ever thickening plot you become emotionally attached to the enigmatic blue alien race called the Na’vi in their struggles to fight off the ruthless human invaders.

Moon – This outstanding sci-fi film focuses on Sam Bell, a lone human employee looking forward to the end his 3 year contract on a helium-3 mining base. The realistic portrayal of solitary life on a moon base sets the perfect foundation for a plot twist that not only leaves the main character deciphering the frightening truth layer after layer, but also raises many moral questions for the viewer to ponder long after the end credits.

2012  – This visually intense and disturbing blockbuster follows a group of survivors escaping a narrow death in what can only described as the most refined vision of apocalypse to date. While the storyline is quite straightforward and the cataclysmic events leave little room for proper character development, this sci-fi drama is a true joy ride thanks to the top of the line special effects.

The Hurt Locker – This war drama explores the extremely dangerous job of a bomb disposal team deployed in Iraq. The ensuing nerve tickling situations are cleverly exploited, where every wrong step can turn fatal, at any given moment. What’s more, the interaction between the unlikely members of the team working and living together provides the necessary level of pressure to move the plot to an exploding finale.

Sherlock Holmes – Directed by Guy Ritchie and featuring a cast of top Hollywood actors, this blockbuster is a surprisingly enjoyable modern translation of the adventures of the famous English detective. Never too shy to go into an occasional fist fight to keep things going, Holmes tries to deduct and solve another seemingly impossible case with his loyal companion doctor Watson at his side. While the plot of the movie has some pacing issues, the real entrainment comes from watching the main protagonist’s brilliantly twisted mind at work.

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