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I should get a ticket to Nokia World 2010 because…

August 25, 2010

… Nokia has transformed the way I meet and interact with new people.

Perhaps a slightly deeper explanation is in order.

We all live to experience and explore emotions. It is what makes us feel alive. But the path we choose to do so is never completely the same. We’re free to go where we choose, try as many different things as we want. But now, our digital lives are increasingly taking over. The need to communicate is growing out of proportions. That is only a natural progression into new the modern age, yet it gives a whole new meaning to survival. Life seems to accelerate. But there is a solution. Mobile phones are poised to offer it’s owners the flexibility and speed that are so important for the success in virtually all aspects of their lives.

With time, mobile phones learned do so much more. They became the initiators and organizers of our experiences – the very same essential little things that fulfill our lives. And I grew to realize that with my own mobile phone. It was a Nokia.

My Nokia phone gave me the canvas of my digital life, a gateway to different experiences. My interest in mobile phones and industry was born with Nokia phones, and like all things that are first, they remain in your mind, forever and strong.

As I grew, my Nokia phones kept evolving, becoming faster, smarter, and more aware of the surrounding world. But one thing never really changed. It is that warm, familiar feeling. It always stays with me, and I trust it, because I know it for such a long time.

The steady mobile evolution that Nokia was driving forward was the one that also taught me to appreciate the mobile technology I’ve come to use daily now. My journey started with Nokia NGage, and it was first to show me that mobile phones can be offer immerse entertainment, anytime and anywhere. Nokia N70 was first to teach me that phones can be smart and attractive at the same time, and Nokia N73 – that I can trust my phone’s camera to capture the most dear moments of my life.

There was a milestone event in the year 2007. Nokia N95 came out, breaking all previous assumptions on what mobile phone can do. It was first to prove to the world, that’s it’s possible to have it all in a single, compact device. It’s a multimedia player, a gps receiver, a versatile camera and it’s also a mobile phone that works. It’s not one thing, but many. Does it sound strangely familiar? The Nokia N95 created a following of immense proportions, but the history will always remember it as the first.

And finally there’s the Nokia N900 that stays with me to this present day. It is the mobile computer in my phone in my pocket that I had always wished for. I still keep exploring what it can do. It satisfies my drive for constant online connectivity perfectly – handling my emails, instant messaging and, of course, giving an uncompromised web browsing experience. And on top of all that, it ensured me, that I can expect great things from Nokia in the future. And that future is coming close. It’s almost here. Nokia World is where it all starts.

But why are smartphones became attractive to me? Early on, I’ve spotted that smartphones carried the biggest bulk of innovation in the industry. Now there are increasingly popular and can be found anywhere. They are the big things that come in small packages. They are also the many small things that bear invaluable importance, only for me. To feel like being part of something while enjoying a complete solitude. It is that feeling of home and safety, right in your palms, while being exposed to different opinions and events streaming from my phone. These contrasting values come together in a wonderful and unique way – supplementing each others strengths and negating weaknesses.

So it quickly became the tiny corner of my digital life, packed neatly in my pocket. I can take it wherever I want, shape it how I want, store pleasant memories and all sort of other things that make me feel good about. And yes, I can also call the world whenever I wish, staying connected with people that matter to me.

These are the reasons for my undying love towards smartphones and mobile industry.

And thus it’s easy for me to explain why I want to be part of Nokia World. It means to be part of something that matters to me, but on a much larger scale. And I won’t be alone. I will have the opportunity to see and meet people I have always looked up to. And finally live up to that very moment, when there’s nothing in the way for me to simply come over and shake their hands. Tell them – thank you. Being there, a mutual understanding comes into play- we know why we are here – we are united in our interest towards Nokia phones. For then I’d say – ‘I learned from you, and continue to do so, while also trying to find my own way in this world. No, we never actually met before, but I feel like I’ve known you for a long time’.

Nokia does that. It connects people, in many different ways.

Spending several years closely following mobile events I discovered that my passion outgrew of just being a hobby. It became a lifestyle and a place where I can focus my energy on, and encourage myself with dreams about the future. From the more practical point of view, my interest helped me develop critical thinking and take my English writing skills a step further, giving me the freedom to reach out to a much wider audience. I discovered the simple joy in sharing what I have learned. Because I know, at the same time, I’m learning from them.

While I love to discuss newly announced phones and other events in the industry with like minded people, it started to lose it’s magic. Somehow the news always came to me with a notion of jealousy. Something is missing. And it only grew in intensity, almost stealing the pleasure in actually learning about the news. The answer, as I later found out, was plain simple – I need to be closer.

But there are boundaries I cannot overcome without help.

I wish to experience how it feels to be on ground zero of events that will define the future of Nokia and mobile industry. See as it happens and observe, as it resonates throughout the rest of the world, reaching millions of people who also wish stay connected with the help of Nokia.

Everybody feels that changes are about to happen.

Nokia World. Phones running the much improved Symbian^3 operating system will be showcased. More will be unveiled on the promising MeeGo platform that will hopefully set sails of new and powerful Nokia flagship before the end of this year. In the end, all these news and announcements will carry one simple yet very effective message – Nokia is back!  The anticipation is almost unbearable. For me, it will be the time to fall in love all over again.

It’s more than just phone. It’s more than just emotions. It’s my Nokia.

I’ve written this essay not only to attempt a ticket to Nokia World, but also to have a way of reaching you guys and wishing the best of luck. It’s time to turn the tide, and more than ever, the world is watching closely.

Thank you for considering me!

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  1. August 25, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    wooot.good luck mate. i can’t come, tho. 🙂

  2. August 25, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    WHAT?! How come mate? And who did you choose to go in your place?

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