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Nokia C6 initial reactions and the microSD card write speed conundrum…

July 24, 2010

This is just a quick response post to my friend @the_accidental regarding the file transfer speeds on the Nokia C6 vs Nokia N900. I thought it’s an interesting topic so I looked into whether the C6 will have greater transfer speeds with my Kingston microSD card (class 4) than with the supplied no name 2Gb card. And here are the curios results:

Write speed from PC to phone:

Nokia C6: Kingston Class 4 microSD card  ~ 2.6 Mb/s vs ~2.9 Mb/s Noname microSD card;

Nokia N900:  Kingston Class 4 microSD card ~ 6.6 Mb/s vs ~ 6 Mb/s Noname microSD card.

After looking at the above figures I think it’s rather obvious that there’re almost no significant difference in USB transfer speeds between the two memory cards that were used. While I can’t guarantee that my results are 100% correct, the overall picture is quite telling, I’m sure of it. The outcome shouldn’t comes as a surprise, since the Nokia C6 I’m currently reviewing is a budget smartphone foremost and it would make perfect sense the manufacturer tried to cut expenses wherever possible. Surprisingly dull, however, is my find that the C6 doesn’t support charging via microUSB port, probably another indication of older parts being used.

But that’s perfectly alright. It’s not the Nseries chart stormer for ultra-tech geeks (like me). For about 200 euros you get a device with a 3.2 inch resistive touchscreen, a very convenient and easy to use 4-row qwerty keyboard that is perfect for social media and emails, a decent enough 5Mpix camera, and all the connectivity you can eat plus free GPS navigation with Nokia Ovi Maps. There’s just no other word for it, it’s a steal!

To conclude this quick mindstorm session, here’s my unboxing and quick tour video of the Nokia C6:

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