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Mobile computing made better

January 31, 2009


Having a smartphone in possession, one can think that it should have more advanced math futures than simple phones. Wrong!  The built in calculator for s60 phones sadly doesn’t differ much from it’s brother on s40 powered phones. While there’re shareware solutions like Best Calc and NiceCalc to increase the functionality of your phone, I believe it’s a bit unfair to ask money for such widespread application as calculator…

Fortunately Nokia already realized that and unleashed form their beta labs a freeware app with more advanced functions, called Enhanced Calculator for S60.
It can be downloaded from here. The nice looking user interface and also the simplicity in use makes it easily my top favorite.

Enhanced Calculator for S60

Another free alternative  is called cCalc, and, while the UI isn’t such a looker, the uncompromised functionality makes up for it.


That’s it for now, expect more updates on applications for symbian soon!

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