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Phonespot, has returned…

January 28, 2009

Hello again world! As probably no one noticed, but I’ve been away for couple of days, thus no blog entries so far. I’ve been visiting Sweden, Stockholm in particular. All I can say, the prices are friking crazy there, that is, on the same level as in my country. So no cheap Xperia X1 for me… But ultimately I’ve found the offer much more diverse, mainly from Samsung and LG. Not that I’m much interested in these brands anyway…

The oversea trip gave me a great chance to stress-test my main device, N85.


Not bad I must say. Since I’m a total noob with maps, I had to rely on my skills with symbian, namely Nokia Maps application in tandem with the built in GPS reciever. I must confess, I never used a phone or for that matter a separate gps device for such prolonged period of time. Without any good directions and an awfully ‘detailed’ map, I didn’t have any alternatives anyway. But Nokia blew me away: N85 picked up the position fast, but when it dropped, it immediately locked on satellites again seconds later.
That of course wouldn’t be enough if the battery dried up after one hour, but luckily, it wasn’t the case. From the full charge the phone survived all day up till I was recording video for 1 hour straight at an evening show.  The beauty of modern technology, but just why it had to be the 1st out of total 3 gps equipped devices I owned that actually was usable at navigation for once, I don’t know.

I’d want to use the opportunity and say  that nevertheless it wasn’t  very clever relying solely on technology. Here’re things that everyone should consider taking with, especially if going to unknown city, in no important order:

1.)Brush up your English, remember, when everything else fails, you can at lest ask for help;

2.)Take a good ‘classic’ map with you, it’ll never run out of power;

3.)Take bare cash with you, it often saves a lot of trouble searching for those damn ATM machines.

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